Support By Request

The "Virtual IT" employee for your Business.

Sometimes your business may need more than just a few hours On Demand. You might need a qualified and experienced engineer on site for a full day a couple of times a week. If you need this, you need Fusion By Request.

Fusion By Request enables your business to have a "Virtual IT" employee at a competitive daily rate.

When might Fusion By Request suit your business?

  • Your company has grown in size and so has it's IT needs to the point where you will save money on our daily rate.
  • You might be contemplating taking on a full time IT Employee, why not have a Fusion engineer on site for a few days per week?
  • Your existing IT engineer has holidays coming, has unfortunately fallen ill, or maybe they have decided to switch careers and left you in a jam.

Give our team some notice and we can be on-site to help your business.

Get in touch to find out more information about our Support By Request service.

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Who Are We

Fusion Technology Solutions are a Sydney based IT consulting & support company targeted directly at small to medium businesses. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, professionalism, expertise, and breadth of knowledge.

At Fusion we aim to understand your business and it's inner workings to accurately integrate capable technologies. We work with customers, to realise answers that provide solutions to their IT problems.

We Specialise In

  • Microsoft Windows support
  • Apple Mac OS support
  • Linux Ubuntu, Red Hat, and SUSE support
  • Server and hardware support
  • Mobile computing and groupware
  • Networking and VPN security
  • Small business VoIP solutions
  • Project management and consulting


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  1800 565 845
Suite 12.03, Level 12,
227 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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