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We craft unique solutions for small to medium sized businesses on a case-by-case basis



IT Support and Maintenance

Providing support On Demand or By Request.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) don't want to be bogged down by their IT systems - they need them to evolve and grow in line with their business needs. This is why we make flexibility, responsiveness and cost-efficiency the cornerstones of our IT support services for SMEs.




Server and Network Maintenance

Server protection and peace of mind. Fusion provides maintenance plans to ensure your mission critical systems are pro-actively managed to reduce the likely hood of problems occurring. At the end of each month you will receive a report which outlines your system's performance and recommends any preventative measures that should be taken. Find out more about our maintenance programs and features.




Small Business VoIP Solutions

Fusion provides VoIP solutions which provide costs savings and interconnect your remote offices and home users. We offer cost-effective and reliable phone systems, and handsets that work anywhere you're connected to the internet. We sell our full VocalPoint Hosted Business Phone System and hardware via our subsidiary Nexus One Pty Ltd.




IT Consulting and Project Management

Whether you're planning on moving offices, or require upgrades to be deployed across all your systems, Fusion can project manage and consult on any of your IT projects. Our experts can provide you with direction on your business technology and are here to help!


Working with Fusion

Working with Fusion Technology Solutions

Our team will happily provide you with a number of contact options for support, including all Engineers’ direct mobile numbers. You will be able to get us on the phone quickly after an issue arises.

On contacting us, information will be recorded by a technician who will gather full details from you. Assistance may be provided by telephone, by remote access (if available) or by site visits depending on the nature and severity of the problem.

All work carried out by Fusion is documented in our helpdesk system for tracking purposes. Access to our Job tracking system is via the web. If you receive a bill from us listing work that we have completed, you can find the corresponding job in our online system that can provide you with all the details.

We can sign a maintenance agreement for after-hours support, but in lieu of this, please feel free to contact us after hours if there is an emergency and we will do our best to help you and your business fix any issues that arise.

At Fusion Technology Solutions we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a high-level of service and the best technical expertise possible.

We always ensure our customers are notified of what is happening, and try to communicate IT issues to them in such a way that they can understand the technology and the reasons for our work.

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Who Are We

Fusion Technology Solutions are a Sydney based IT consulting & support company targeted directly at small to medium businesses. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, professionalism, expertise, and breadth of knowledge.

At Fusion we aim to understand your business and it's inner workings to accurately integrate capable technologies. We work with customers, to realise answers that provide solutions to their IT problems.

We Specialise In

  • Microsoft Windows support
  • Apple Mac OS support
  • Linux Ubuntu, Red Hat, and SUSE support
  • Server and hardware support
  • Mobile computing and groupware
  • Networking and VPN security
  • Small business VoIP solutions
  • Project management and consulting


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