Bitdefender shields against threats from the Ransomware Virus Epidemic

bitdefender shields against ransomware threats

The best strategy for defence

Ransomware, a type of malware that locks and usually encrypts a computer’s files until the victim pays to regain access, is the fastest growing cyber threat. SMB’s are ideal targets for ransomware developers as some do not invest in security solutions, yet they handle sensitive business information (i.e. customer data, financial records, product information). They are targets that cyber-criminals value most.

Malware tries to adapt to the surroundings to survive. Some fail, but some thrive, even spreading to become an epidemic, such as the most recent WannaCry and GoldenEye viruses. Any device connected to the internet can fall victim to attacks. If this malware infects just one computer within your network, it can spread to all branches within your business that are connected to the internet.

Why is Ransomware different from traditional Malware?

It doesn’t steal victims’ information, but rather encrypts it

It doesn’t try to hide itself after files are encrypted because detection won’t restore the lost data

It demands ransom, usually in a virtual currency (which means you will be forced to pay money over to the criminals and in a lot of cases they won’t give you back your data)

The main cause of attacks is via email. Attackers persuade or trick users to download malicious files or documents which then begin to encrypt the company’s systems. Within a short space of time, in most cases a few minutes, the company will discover that many of their files and critical infrastructure has been rendered useless and a ransom note will be displayed. We have found that with the outbreaks reported to us, they usually result in at least a full business day of total downtime, with no productivity for staff while we have worked to restore files and other systems from backups.

bitdefender anti virus software distributed by Fusion Tech

Bitdefender shields against from threats the Ransomware Virus Epidemic

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Here at Fusion Technology Solutions, we always strive to provide our customers with the best possible recommendations for their business. As we identified a spike in ransomware attacks, we conducted a thorough examination and trial of all existing anti-virus products, used by our customers. This included testing of infected systems to identify which solution provided the best protection for our customers.

We believe Bitdefender to be the superior product, which is backed up by multiple independent tests. We have such confidence and trust in this product, that we have implemented it within our Fusion Team and have also rolled out Bitdefender to many of our customers.

Other anti-virus products failed to detect numerous threats that Bitdefender did identify and remove. Other products also had a significant impact on system performance, whilst providing suboptimal protection.

bitdefender anti virus core benefits against ransomware

Bitdefender Ranked No. 1

Using advanced behaviour-based technologies, Bitdefender detected 99% of unknown threats in independent trials run by reputed independent testing organisation, AV-Comparatives. Bitdefender has consistently ranked number 1 against all its competitors in overall performance and protection, for several years running. This has been backed by many independent tests as well as our own research.

Bitdefender has two additional anti-ransomware defence layers. This allows it to intercept ransomware threats before they are downloaded or on execution.

Key Features include the following:

Support for all Windows, Mac and Linux devices

Automatically discovers new machines on the network to ensure there are no vulnerable computers

Centrally managed by Fusion Technology Solutions so that our customers do not have to worry about security. This also allows us to respond rapidly to emerging threats

Bitdefender protects computers against viruses, rootkits, malware, phishing, data loss, web threats and much more

Advanced heuristics, web filtering, search advisor, USB scanning to block all malware entry points are included

Updates are automatic and users cannot interfere with settings or deactivate protection so your business is protected

Light weight product with minimal to no impact to system performance

Extremely competitive pricing

No downtime or business loss due to infections

Bitdefender eliminates costs of data restoration due to ransomware attacks

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