Bitdefender shields against threats from the Ransomware Virus Epidemic

bitdefender shields against ransomware threats

The best strategy for defence

Ransomware, a type of malware that locks and usually encrypts a computer’s files until the victim pays to regain access, is the fastest growing cyber threat. SMB’s are ideal targets for ransomware developers as some do not invest in security solutions, yet they handle sensitive business information (i.e. customer data, financial records, product information). They are targets that cyber-criminals value most.

Who Are We

Fusion Technology Solutions are a Sydney based IT consulting & support company targeted directly at small to medium businesses. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, professionalism, expertise, and breadth of knowledge.

At Fusion we aim to understand your business and it's inner workings to accurately integrate capable technologies. We work with customers, to realise answers that provide solutions to their IT problems.

We Specialise In

  • Microsoft Windows support
  • Apple Mac OS support
  • Linux Ubuntu, Red Hat, and SUSE support
  • Server and hardware support
  • Mobile computing and groupware
  • Networking and VPN security
  • Small business VoIP solutions
  • Project management and consulting


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