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OS Support

On-site and Remote Solutions

OS support

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Server/Hardware Support

Full Equipment Maintenance

Server/Hardware support

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Networking & VPN Security

With the Latest Technologies

Networking and VPN security

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Project Management

IT Consulting for any Project

Project management and consulting

Professional IT Solutions Crafted for Your Company


Why Choose Us?

  • Microsoft Windows Solutions

    The Latest Technologies

    Fusion supports and deploys industry leading Microsoft solutions for business.

    Best-of-Breed approach

    Find out how we can help your business succeed through using the best Windows technologies for the right tasks.
  • IT Consulting & Project Management

    Helping your Business Move

    Fusion's engineers can help your business roll-out upgrades, manage office moves, oversee and perform business software installations or consult and manage any IT related project.
  • VoIP Phone Systems & Hardware

    VoIP Hardware and Support

    Fusion supplies and installs quality business grade VoIP hardware, and can provide your business with handsets, headsets, intercoms and tele-conferencing equipment.

    The Best VoIP Phone System

    Our VocalPoint Hosted Business Phone System combines cutting edge technologies with business grade hardware to provide stable, feature packed, and extremely cost effective business phone solutions.
  • Mobile Computing Technologies

    Keep your Business on the Move

    Fusion can empower your business with the latest mobile computing technologies.

    Cross-platform integration

    We can integrate laptops, servers, smart phones, and VoIP to allow for greater flexibility in remote computing, communication and collaboration.
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Latest News and Advice


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What happened to the NBN?

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6 Key Solutions & Services

Microsoft Windows

IT Consulting

Security and Networking

Fusion Technology Solutions IT Services, VoIP and VPN

IT Support Plans

Office Mobility

VoIP Systems & Hardware

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Who Are We

Fusion Technology Solutions are a Sydney based IT consulting & support company targeted directly at small to medium businesses. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, professionalism, expertise, and breadth of knowledge.

At Fusion we aim to understand your business and it's inner workings to accurately integrate capable technologies. We work with customers, to realise answers that provide solutions to their IT problems.

We Specialise In

  • Microsoft Windows support
  • Apple Mac OS support
  • Linux Ubuntu, Red Hat, and SUSE support
  • Server and hardware support
  • Mobile computing and groupware
  • Networking and VPN security
  • Small business VoIP solutions
  • Project management and consulting


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